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Life After Birth: Meet Wyandotte Pregnancy Clinic

wyandotteAn unfortunate misunderstanding many people have about pro-life advocates is that we are only concerned for the life of the unborn baby, without regard for the mother and the potential hardships she may face as a result of choosing to keep an unplanned child. Similarly, pregnancy resource centers are often believed only to provide support for pregnant women and that once she gives birth, a mother and her newborn are on their own.

These misunderstandings could not be further from the truth, however, and I think they can be easily resolved with a deeper understanding of the fundamental values on which the pro-life movement and pregnancy resource centers are founded.

Not only do PRCs advocate for choosing life with Christ-like compassion, they are also deeply invested in the success and well-being of the families, prepared to offer practical and loving support during all stages of pregnancy as well as after the child’s birth. In so doing, all pregnant women can have the confidence to accept the gift of life they’ve been given, knowing they will not be alone.

Maggie has been a long-time client of Wyandotte Pregnancy Clinic in Kansas City, KS and her story demonstrates the genuine care that women can expect to receive throughout and following their pregnancies. Maggie starting visiting Wyandotte before her baby was even big enough to be detected by sonogram. While the pregnancy was unplanned, she had the support of her loving fiancé and they were committed to keeping their baby.

Maggie had a fairly normal pregnancy, but when Logan, the baby, was born, his parents learned that he had a number of serious health problems as a result of a rare neurodegenerative disease. Today, Logan is just over a year old, but he has spent much of his life in and out of the hospital and sadly, it is unlikely that his condition will ever improve. In this situation, it would have been easy for Maggie to fall into despair, or even question whether her decision to keep Logan had been the right one.

Fortunately, Wyandotte has been right beside Maggie throughout this process. When Logan was born baby loganand those at the Clinic learned of his condition, one of the counselors who had come to know Maggie went to visit them in the hospital because she sensed Maggie was in need of encouragement. Wyandotte also sent along a care package of special clothes and other items Logan could use. A member of the Wyandotte staff later followed up with a personal visit to Maggie’s home to see how she and Logan were doing and to bring them diapers and other supplies. Instead of being left to fend for herself and feeling isolated as a new mother, Maggie has been welcomed into the Wyandotte family, becoming a close friend to those at the Clinic. She still regularly attends programs they offer or calls the office to catch up and update everyone on Logan’s condition.

Just recently, Maggie visited Wyandotte Pregnancy Clinic to receive a pregnancy test and found out she is pregnant! Many parents in Maggie’s situation, who had gone through so much with their first child, would be hesitant to have another baby. In fact, Maggie feared people she knew might encourage her to get an abortion because of the problems she has had with Logan’s health. But because Maggie has been so supported by those at Wyandotte, she and her now husband are excited to welcome Logan’s baby sister into the world in a few months, confident they will not be alone. Maggie, like other pregnant women, can be assured that no matter what hardships may come as a result of choosing life, Wyandotte Pregnancy Clinic and other PRCs like it are standing by to help them.

When speaking with a representative from Wyandotte Pregnancy clinic, I was amazed at the list of post-partem services available to their clients up to 3 years following the birth of their child. From infant-specific classes including how and why to breastfeed, to classes designed for parents with toddlers such as those on discipline and potty training, there is something useful for everyone. A social worker is also on staff to connect women within the community which can include resume-building and finding employment, obtaining insurance or housing, setting up child care, etc. Other practical resources teach women various life skills including how to furnish an apartment, renting 101, living with roommates, how to open and manage a bank account, budgeting and meal planning…the list goes on and on. In addition, there are rooms full of baby supplies that mothers and fathers can earn points to receive through attending classes and other programs.
In short, there is an abundance of resources available to women after they give birth to help them succeed as a family. Those at Wyandotte Pregnancy Clinic and other PRCs partnered with Biking for Babies are personally invested in the pro-life mission and the success of their clients, and they are willing to go above and beyond to serve families in need.

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