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The National Ride

Get Involved: Energize and support a generation of young people who share that life is a gift.

More than a fun ride for a good cause.

Changing hearts and minds across the country


Providing hope for mothers and fathers in crisis


Forming missionaries and providing life-affirming care

Laying down

the miles.

Our 2022 National Ride ended in July, riding 100+ miles each day for life. 56 young adult missionaries (18-39 years old) committed to training and undertaking the spiritual task of sharing the beauty of life to raise awareness and financial support for America’s pregnancy resource centers.

The next National Ride is July 9-16, 2023, which includes two travel days and riding days of riding.

Rider & Support Crew Missionaries

Meet All Missionaries

Joe Gagliardi

I’m Joe Gagliardi, a recent UW-Madison grad and young dad living in the Twin Cities.

Kevin Biese

Hi! My name is Kevin Biese, and I am the 2nd longest tenured active personnel in Biking for Babies behind the one and only Jimmy Becker who serves on our board.

Margarito Morales-Hernandez

I moved recently to the Madison area a few months ago from Minneapolis MN.

Marianne Rodriguez

Salut! Je m’appelle Marianne! I am a first year missionary with the support crew on the DC route.

Jonathan Sepulveda

Bio coming soon!

Hannah Hollcraft

This summer I will be joining the Kansas Route for Biking for Babies as a support crew team member!

Curt Saxton

I’m Curtis Saxton from Philadelphia, PA.

Brianna Villalva

I am very excited to be a first year missionary for Biking for Babies.

Biking A-Cross America: The Routes

Each July, missionaries bike almost 4,000 miles in six days, sacrificing time away from their jobs, young children, spouses, and/or parents. Our 2022 National Ride (July 11-16) began from six different starting points across the nation: Green Bay, WI; Columbus, OH (2 teams here!); Minneapolis, MN; Natchez, MS; and Dodge City, KS. 5 routes converge in St. Louis, MO and 1 route ends in Arlington, VA after a lap at the National Mall. Our team, comprised of young adults who strengthened their resolve to defend life through athletic and mental challenges, believes in a world that respects the dignity of every single life, and we are chasing that vision.

2022 National Ride was July 11-16.

Follow our journey a-cross America!

Each day of the ride our missionaries share their mileage, hearts and prayers for the unborn and the PRCs that serve their parents. 

2022 At-A-Glance

Relive The 2022 Ride
Missionaries Formed
Miles Ridden
PRC Partners
Raised for pregnant mothers