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Pregnancy Resource Center Partnerships


That meet women and families in crisis pregnancies to serve


Pregnancy resource centers are non-profit organizations who are committed to providing life-affirming resources to women and families in need, particularly those who are struggling in complicated or unplanned pregnancies.

These women are seriously in need of financial, physical, mental, and spiritual support and often feel unable to succeed during or after childbearing. Pregnancy resource centers provide alternatives to abortion that respect the dignity of the mother and her unborn child (Psalm 139:13-14).

These alternatives include free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, parenting classes, counseling, STI testing, baby supplies, and much more. Women tell of their experiences at these centers and express the joy and relief they feel upon realizing the support they are freely given from the staff and volunteers.

Pregnancy resource centers serve women, children, and their families by meeting them in their time of great need.

Every day in America, 3,000 women choose to have an abortion. As one director of a pregnancy resource center, or PRC, shared, the primary driver for a mother considering abortion is fear. The most common reasons for obtaining abortions are financial instability, relationship issues, and family pressure.

Many of these women obtain abortions without all the information and support needed at such a crucial time in their life. Our partnered centers tell us of countless women who regret their abortion, wishing someone was there for them in their time of need. Pregnancy resource centers fill the gap, serve those in need in their communities and beyond with love and hope.

From budgeting classes to maternity homestays to healthy behavior counseling, these centers aim to walk with women and their families far beyond the time of their pregnancy. Biking for Babies is blessed to partner with these centers to ensure they are financially sustainable and well-supported to be able to strengthen mothers, fathers, and children.

Each rider or support crew missionary is paired with a specific center to learn about their services, pray for during training and the ride, and share their stories locally as well as nationally.

Pregnancy resource center partners receive advocacy from their missionary as well as financial support to benefit their services and resources. Not only do we spread awareness and raise funds for their life-affirming work, but partnered centers play a vital role in forming our young adults through sharing the stories of lives saved and changed!

Much more than a mission trip, Biking for Babies equips young people with the tools to advocate and garner support for life in their communities. The young adults who participate with us are forever impacted and they take that with them after college and into their young professional community, recognizing the great need to advocate for life through pregnancy resource centers.

Together, pregnancy resource centers and Biking for Babies will build a world that responds to crisis with faith, hope, and love.


Pregnant and need help? Click on one of these life-affirming pregnancy centers and learn more.

Step 1

Submit Your Application

All pregnancy resource centers and maternity homes must fill out the Partnership Application each year to be considered for partnership. Applications for the 2024 National Ride season have closed. 2024 partners will be announced by mid-April. 

Step 2

Accept, Connect & Equip

Once accepted, pregnancy resource center partners are connected with a young adult missionary and equip them to share your mission with others. We highly encourage centers to recruit their own missionaries for better relationship building and local advocacy. 

Step 3

Invest in the Partnership

Striving for relationship with each partner, we pair a missionary with the center to learn about their services, pray for during training and the ride, and share their stories nationally.