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Our Missionaries

Support a generation of young people who share that life is a gift.

Our 2022 National Ride took place this past July 10-16. We recruit young adult missionaries (18-39 years old) committed to training and undertaking the spiritual task of sharing the beauty of life to raise awareness and financial support for America’s pregnancy resource centers. In July, our missionaries laid down 100+ miles each day for life.

Our missionaries start the ride in MN, WI, OH, KS, or MS and finish in St. Louis, MO or Washington, DC.

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WI Route

Joe Gagliardi

I’m Joe Gagliardi, a recent UW-Madison grad and young dad living in the Twin Cities.

Margarito Morales-Hernandez

I moved recently to the Madison area a few months ago from Minneapolis MN.

Brooke Grobbel

Hello! I’m Brooke Grobbel and I currently work for PIME Mission in Detroit, Michigan.

María Fernanda Medina Visoso

I live in Merrill, WI but I’m from León, Guanajuato, México.

Nathan Ripp

I am Nathan Ripp, a Junior at UW-Madison.

Erich Wallace

My name is Erich Wallace and I am a second year missionary with Biking for Babies.

Molly Keane

My name is Molly, I am a 1st grade teacher in the Bronx.

Jack Gebert

Sometimes, in life, you find a place where your interests, talents and experiences can all converge.

Andrew Wenman

I’m a mechanical design engineer for an automotive company and I live in Saint Paul, MN with my beautiful wife Emily.

Emily Wenman

My name is Emily Wenman and I live in St Paul, MN with my husband, Andrew.

OH Route

Curt Saxton

I’m Curtis Saxton from Philadelphia, PA.

Devin Porter

I’m Devin, I’m a software engineer and lover of the sport of disc golf, and I love philosophy and theology.

Vincent Moore

I applied to B4B because I wanted to do something active that helps the Pro-Life cause.

Rachel Koepke

My name is Rachel and this will be my first year as a Biking for Babies missionary.

Sophia Mittman

I’m Sophia Mittman, a second-year rider and Route Leader this year!

Katie Wanek

My name is Katie and I’m from Denmark, WI. I work for a nonprofit in Green Bay.

Chloe Richie

I’m Chloe and I am super excited to be returning to Biking for Babies for my second year!

Erin McCoy

Erin, here, and this is my second year joining these fabulously crazy folks going on a 600 mile adventure to SAVE THE BABIES!

Robert Newport

What greater cause than the defense of life?

MS Route

Kevin Biese

Hi! My name is Kevin Biese, and I am the 2nd longest tenured active personnel in Biking for Babies behind the one and only Jimmy Becker who serves on our board.

Hannah Hess

I’m Hannah, a first-time missionary with Biking for Babies, currently living in Stoughton, WI, just south of Madison.

Alexandra Tupy

Hi there! My name is Alexandra Tupy, I am from Prior Lake, Minnesota and this will be my first year as a rider for the Biking for Babies mission.

Courtney Duzynski

Hello and welcome! My name is Courtney, and I’m from Milwaukee, Wis., where I work as a treatment foster care specialist.

Mary Ohm

My name is Mary and I am a second year missionary with Biking for Babies!

Griffin Wacker

I am a senior in Mathematics Education at Athens State University!

Jack Mannebach

I am Jack Mannebach and this is my fourth year with Biking for Babies.

Kathryn DeLapp

I am a loud, high-energy, and passionate middle school Literature and Writing teacher.

KS Route

Jonathan Sepulveda

Bio coming soon!

Hannah Hollcraft

This summer I will be joining the Kansas Route for Biking for Babies as a support crew team member!

Brianna Villalva

I am very excited to be a first year missionary for Biking for Babies.

Sara Mittman

Hi! I’m a third-year undergrad studying chemical engineering at UCLA and a first-time rider for B4B.

Julia King

My name is Julia King and I chose to be a part of Biking for Babies to learn more about and get actively involved in the pro-life movement.

Ryan Brisnehan

I grew up in Arvada, Colorado, where I recently graduated from the Colorado School of Mines with a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Erin Sprenger

I’m Erin Sprenger, a third-year missionary with Biking for Babies.

Rhett Crismon

I am motivated by the unique approach and articulation of Biking for Babies in building and promoting the Culture of Life.

Huy Tran

Homegrown in Colorado and I absolutely love it.

Nathalie Corbett

Hello! My name is Nathalie and I’m a second year missionary with Biking for Babies.

MN Route

Peyton Dueling

Hi! I am Peyton, I’m 19, Catholic, and a lover of flowers as well as JPII.

Abby Noel

I graduated from UW-Madison in May of 2022 with a degree in Statistics and Education.

Emily Geinert

I am a wife to a wonderful husband and a mother to a handsome little boy.

Meghan Huber

I am Meghan Huber, a first-time rider with Biking for Babies!

Caitlin Steier

Greetings! My name is Caitlin. I was born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota.

Nancy Simpson

This is my fourth year as a Biking for Babies missionary.

John Michalak

My name is John Michalak and I am a second year missionary with Biking for Babies!

Babs Sandlin

I’m Babs, and I am HYPED to be a part of B4B this year

Jonathan Simpson

Hello! My name is Jonathan and I am a mechanical engineer from Iowa.

Joshua Geinert

Hi! I’m Joshua Geinert. I’m a heavy equipment operator and surveyor for LaMoure County Highway Department in ND.

DC Route

Mary Bookwalter

Born and raised in Northern VA, just outside of D.C., I had the opportunity to attend the March for Life almost every year.

Marianne Rodriguez

Salut! Je m’appelle Marianne! I am a first year missionary with the support crew on the DC route.

Jordan Brittain

Jordan Brittain grew up in Tempe, Arizona the second of eleven children.

Chris Massaro

My name is Chris Massaro – if you say it fast it sounds like Christmas Arrow.

Maddie Ferrero

This is my first year as a Biking for Babies missionary and I am so excited to embark on this journey.

Jessica Kantra

My name is Jess and this will be my first year riding as a missionary with Biking for Babies.

Chris Sims

Hello friends! My name is Chris Sims and this is my 6th year as a Biking for Babies missionary!

Fr. Ed Guilloux

I’m thrilled to be riding with Biking for Babies for the third time this year.

Matthew Dawson

I’m Catholic, I love riding my bike, and I live in Ankeny, Iowa.

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