In the midst of holiday cooking, eating and shopping we’re given a great opportunity to give back. As your Christmas lists roll in, you look for Black Friday deals, hit up Small Business Saturday to support your locals and hop online for Cyber Monday – but Giving Tuesday is the opportunity to take a step back from spending and really dig in to giving.

Every gift to our PRC partners enables them to empower women with real choices, provides real support and has very real results. Give your #GivingTuesday gift today!

“We are so honored to of been a part of the 2017 Biking for Babies campaign!  A group of bike riders rode in honor of My Life Clinic – 160 miles each day! They fundraised for our clinic and showed a love to us that we were blown away by!

We received a $1,900 check from them and it’s because of this support we’ll be able to serve more women with free pregnancy verification, free STI screening/treatment and free limited ob ultrasounds.”

Mark Loeber

My Life Pregnancy Clinic | Columbia, Missouri

One year we received a call at the office from a young woman who wanted us to know that we saved her daughter’s life. The year before, she had been to the fair and had stopped by our booth. She had just found out she was pregnant and her college professors had been telling her to get an abortion so it would not ‘ruin her life’.

After stopping by our booth and reading our brochures she choose life for her child. Now, she couldn’t be happier – she’s in her last year of nursing school and her professors were so wrong. She even came to speak at a conference we hosted with Students for Life. It was a blessing!”

Pro-Life Mississippi

“Last year we performed 28 ultrasounds and in the first 6 months of this year we’ve already had 40! Our client load is quadrupling and our education on Sexual Integrity in schools and groups has more than quadrupled! We had a PureUnity event in which age 13-18 year-olds were welcomed to learn about God’s plan for sex and how He meant it for good. Parents were also invited and learned in a separate session how to support their child in their choice and encouraging purity within their marriage.”

Clarity Clinic of South West Wisconsin