Biking for Babies Supports Pregnancy Resource Centers

Everything that we have is a gift, and every gift is intended to be shared. When we look at the challenges of our times, do we see problems or opportunities?  Christians see opportunities and seek to discover ways to live and proclaim the gospel of abundance as God did, in the form of an invitation.  We invite you to extend God’s gift of love and the abundance of His grace, shared with us, with others through supporting our nations pregnancy resource centers. Your yes to sharing with others can change hearts and minds, and you will ultimately save lives.

2017 Fundraising Goals

Everyday, we get closer to reaching our goal of $100,000 to support our 41 PRC partners this year!

  1. Build awareness of the beautiful work achieved at pregnancy resource centers across the country and provide insightful ways for local communities to get involved.
  2. Radiate joy and share in the adventures from “a+cross” the country as we pedal to spread the Culture of Life.
  3. Raise at least $100,000 to support our PRCs throughout the United States

Mail your checks to:
Biking for Babies
PO Box 252
Sikeston, MO 63801

We are a 501c3 organization and all contributions are tax-deductible. Contact your employer about matching gift programs. Our tax ID is listed below:

FEIN 61-1661200

Our 2016 Recap

We at Biking for Babies are so thankful for all of the gifts and prayers we have received throughout this year. Our fiscal year closed on September 30, and we are so happy to report that we collected $68,940 from generous donors like you!

Praise God for all of the good work that will be made possible at pregnancy resource centers around the country! These donations will be split between the 29 pregnancy resource centers and one Right-to-Life group with which we partnered this year.