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2024 Celebration of Life


Join us for our Arlington Celebration of Life! Come cheer on our missionaries as they ride their final leg of their 1,800 total miles. You can expect

free dinner and drinks

inspiring speakers

Mass at St. Charles

and an invitation to answer God’s call to your own personal mission, all while we celebrate life together!


Saturday, July 13
3:45 – 7:30 pm ET


St. Charles Catholic Church
3304 Washington Blvd
Arlington, VA 22201



In 2023, Kathleen Wilson, the Executive Director of Mary’s Shelter, a network of maternity homes in Fredericksburg, VA, and from one of the amazing moms helped by Mary’s Shelter shared their stories.

The Celebration of Life also features our missionary testimonies! Drawing from “The Big Three,” young adults missionaries share

what are they doing

who are they doing it for

why they are doing it

At the Celebration of Life, you’ll hear stories like Sara’s, meant to inspire you to action in your own lives and communities.

Past Celebrations