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Stock Transfer Form

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Stock Transfer Form

Thank you for your willingness to support the Biking for Babies mission with your securities (stock or bonds) donation. Please note that you must initiate the gift from your broker as well as fill out the following form. If you have questions, our accountant, Brittany Ross, can be reached at

Include other information here.

Notify your bank or brokerage firm of your intention to gift the specific securities you have in mind to:

Receiving Account Name: Biking for Babies
Receiving Firm/DTC Number: 0701
Receiving Account Number: 3RN03V9Y

You’ll most likely need to sign a Letter of Authorization/Third Party Release Form; designating the amount and type of securities you would like to gift.

If your bank or brokerage firm has any questions, they may contact our Regions Bank financial representative, Matt Robinson, at or 314-615-3503.