Biking for Babies

Hundreds of young athletes biking through the heart of America, passed by thousands of drivers witnessing the extreme physical sacrifice of these riders – to bring awareness to centers across the country that help women who find themselves in crisis pregnancies. That is our vision. To bring hundreds of young people together to show America that the Culture of Life in our country not only alive – but thriving – and even growing.

Biking for Babies Mission

The mission of Biking for Babies is to facilitate the organization, promotion, and continuation of bicycling events at the local, regional, and national level in order to enhance the awareness of and resources available to America’s pregnancy resource centers.

The vision of Biking for Babies is to provide funding and sponsorship of each pregnancy resource center in the United States through bicycling events.

Biking for Babies started because two young men were inspired to make the spirit of pro-life work more accessible to others and themselves—trying to experience, in some small measure, the endurance and commitment that is tried upon the young women and families in the face of an unexpected pregnancy.

Jimmy and I took our bikes to Southern Illinois University Carbondale in March 2009 with the goal to bicycle 600 miles in order to fundraise and raise awareness for the women and family-focused efforts taking place at pregnancy resource centers.

Since successfully completing that first journey and fundraising $14,000, we have been blessed with a steadily increasing stream of young people who have been inspired to express their own personal desire to make the “endurance and commitment” required of pro-life work real to themselves and others.

Over 60 college students and young adults have participated since 2009—each of them building friendships with each other despite hardship along the way and with those we have been honored and blessed to meet during our travels.

We have pushed forward, around, or with flurries in Chicago, flooded roads in Iowa, generous ferry guards in Kentucky, near sleepless nights in New Orleans, and single day travels that covered 4 states. This spirit of “endurance and commitment” extends beyond the bicycles and their riders on the road though. It echoes among our families and friends—who have stayed up late waiting for our delayed arrival at the end of a long day of bicycling; it is among the professionals who have donated time and advisement to ensuring that the organization is managed safely and responsibly; and, it is among our friends who have donated their time and talents to t-shirt and website design and to our friends who have invited us into their home and many others who we each recall in moments reflection.

The history of Biking for Babies is not best understood in miles bicycled or money fundraised, but, rather is part of the penetrating story of pro-life work that is alive and growing stronger—in our families, churches, communities, and in our own hearts.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope that you are inspired, as I have been inspired, by the courage and joy that so many of my new friends have brought to my life.

Michael Schaefer
Co-Founder of Biking for Babies

Biking for Babies Staff


As this year’s president, I intend to lead this magnificent leadership team into our nation’s culture of death and leave trails of the culture of Life all over the place… read more


Recruiting and Training Specialist

One of the “grizzled” veterans of the group, I have been a part of Biking for Babies for 7 years. I have held the “Recruiting and Training Specialist” title for two years now and LOVE the work I get to do with Biking for Babies... read more



I am currently a therapist for children with autism in Minneapolis, MN, where I very recently moved. My heart is definitely happiest when I am with kiddos! This will be my second year being involved... read more


Fundraising and Formation Coach

Fear cripples. Love conquers. Victory is Christ. For me, it all started with a quote, which prompted a call to action…  “Woe to you if you do not succeed in defending life.”  This is why I ride… read more


Pregnancy Resource Center Liaison

Have you ever prayed to find your purpose in life? So many times we pray for health, protection, change, healing and many other things, but never want ourselves to be the answer. I joined the pro-life movement in 2013.. read more


Website Administrator

I’m a software engineer working and currently living in Minneapolis, MN. I had the tremendous blessing of meeting Kevin Biese my freshman year of college and through him was introduced to Biking for Babies... read more


Donations Administrator, Accountant

I am a staff accountant for an agriculture company in Missouri by day and wife to a very selfless husband, mother of three, CPA in the making, and donations administrator... read more



My involvement with Biking for Babies began 4 years ago, when I joined the ride as a member of the support crew, and grew the following year as I took on the task of filming/editing the videos for 2013 ride... read more


Public Relations & Events Coordinator

With the support of my husband, Kevyn, and our beautiful daughter Cecelia, I pray that we may all be the end of abortion through service to women and the unborn. I am thrilled to use my gifts in marketing and public relations for Biking for Babies…read more