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Power to Heal

Information that many women, men, couples have already experienced and could easily tell you, now earns support from the field of science, not that it needed any.  Abortion hurts.  Not only the fetus being killed, but also the mothers, and the fathers or couples.  Maybe this does not apply directly to you, but if not, it more than likely affects someone you know considering the prevalence of abortion in our society.

From the moment of conception, a woman’s body holds the cells of her child.  But we now know, and people should be informed that some of those cells stay there, for up to 40 years, and we have no reason to believe they disappear after that.  No one simply forgets their abortion, you can’t especially if the cells of your lost child are living in you the rest of your life.

After viewing the numbers we recognize a problem. With over a thousand abortions per day in the US alone, we have many who are hurting, and I doubt there are many who have received help and healing.  Please, make a commitment today to receive healing.  And, tell those in your life who need this information.  I have two recommended paths, and I suggest them both.

One, go to the sacrament of Reconciliation.  God in His unfathomable mercy wants forgiveness for everyone.  Any doubts, look to the cross.  Every year, the Church brings us a perfect reminder of this in our mourning on Good Friday followed by a 50 day Easter season that begins with an octave of Easter that includes Divine Mercy Sunday.  Forgiveness bring healing; God has the power to heal.

Two, look into the organization Project Rachel <> a post-abortion healing ministry with programs for women as well as men.  I was able to speak with the founder, Vicki Thorn, and their is a huge population of both women, and I stress, men, who are in need of healing from abortion.  You are not alone; healing is possible.  Put an end to the silent suffering, and receive the freedom that comes from God’s healing.