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Headed to the ReceptionAs a teacher in southeast Missouri, YOLO has become a cliché. I often see this acronym on a student’s shirt or hear a student say, “YOLO,” which stands for “You Only Live Once”.  This idea can be taken two ways.

1. You only live once so do what you want

2. You only live once so do what is right

These two ideas can be reflected in our society around the abortion issue.  One side stating women should be able to do whatever they choose, even if it kills the life of another.  The other side stating no matter what the circumstance; no child should die even if considered an “inconvenience.” Children should be viewed as gifts and blessings anyway.   It is amazing to me how two very different mindsets exist on how babies are viewed.

This YOLO mindset can be taken a step further.  Not only are we going to live once, but so many other lives depend on our own.  If one person is able to change someone’s decision on whether or not to have an abortion, think how many other lives are affected by this.  I strongly believe this is what Biking for Babies is doing.  By supporting crisis pregnancy centers, pregnant women receive the opportunity to say yes to life when otherwise there would have been little hope.  Therefore, I thank everyone who has helped support Biking for Babies, whether it has been through prayers, donations, or spreading the pro-life message.   Your decisions have truly helped save the precious lives of thousands.

Just some thoughts,