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A Time for Hope

Hello friends,

Reflecting upon these particular times in the calendar around the world, one simple word comes to mind; hope.

Looking outside my window now, the sun is shining brighter every day (even though the winds have reluctantly stayed just as cold) and it’s enough to make the snows of winter slowly recede into the past. The pavement that was covered in January ice is now warming towards the scorching heat of early July.

For Christians, this is perhaps the most hopeful time of the year. We are deep into the Lenten season and are only a handful of days away from our encounter with our victorious Risen King on Easter Sunday. Through the agony and pain of death we are awarded with a new and eternal life!

For Catholics, we are blessed with the hope of a new and humble shepherd, one who will lead Christ’s flock on earth through these troubled and dangerous times in the world. Most excitingly for us, this new shepherd is one who fervently stands for LIFE!!

Moving towards the future we must continue to pray and work in hope that our efforts will ultimately bear much fruit. Time spent in prayer will ultimately give us the faith to persevere in times of mental and physical struggle and our physical toils will ultimately provide us the strength and foundation to keep pursuing our end goals.

Whether it is praying for the unborn or mothers in crisis, training our bodies for our pro-life journey, or raising money for the support of our mission, remember to do it with a spirit of HOPE!