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Your very own Tim Tebow

Hey everybody,

Hope you are getting just as pumped for B4B as I am!  One thing that always leaves me inspired to fight for the unborn is when I hear stories about babies who were almost aborted, but their parents chose LIFE and had babies who grew up to make an impact on those around them.

Most of you have probably heard the Tim Tebow story from the super bowl ad a couple years ago (YouTube “Tebow Superbowl ad” if you’ve never seen it).  Doctors told the mother of one of the most popular and inspirational football players that she should have an abortion for health reasons, but she chose life!

Also a couple years ago I posted about my friend who told me his mom was encouraged to abort him when she was pregnant (link for post below).

Now I would like for you to meet another inspirational story: the life of Jon Will.

Jon, shown far left, is the son of George Will columnist for the Washington Post.  Jon has down syndrome and just turned 40 last year, which prompted his father to write a story about the blessing that Jon has had in his family’s life.  George Will states in his article that currently 90% of parents who receive a Down syndrome diagnosis through prenatal testing choose abortion.  This is ridiculous!

I highly encourage reading George Will’s article about his son:

The article speaks from the heart and definitely leaves me teary eyed every time I read it.

Making a small difference in the pro-life movement through prayer, alms, and service will allow for more Tim Tebow’s and Jon Will’s to enjoy the gift of life and bring joy to those around them.  YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  Help the next Tim Tebow have a chance.

God Bless,