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Warm Greetings …on A Cold Morning!


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

It brings great joy to my heart to prayerfully take the time to sit and write.  Allow me to begin by extending my appreciation and gratitude on behalf of the 2013 B4B crew.  Thank you for your help, prayers, encouragement and financial support!  As I have stated many times before, a shared sentiment felt by all the crew, it is beautiful to share in His redemptive work and to participate as a family in this mission.  Whether or not we every meet, on this side of Heaven, I pray for your soul and the souls of all those you love.

The greatest joy we will ever experience is fulfillment of our greatest hope.  That is, to see the face of Christ.  I have recognized lately; however, my hope is not 100% in Christ.  Due to this discrepancy, I often fall into despair (aka I lose hope) and as a result, I lose true peace and authentic joy.

Without hope, we cannot experience LIFE TO THE FULL.  My hope and prayer for all of us is to HOPE IN CHRIST!  As a result, we will experience true peace, authentic joy, and the fulfillment of our desires, namely:  LOVE.

May God prepare your hearts for the joy of Easter!

God loves you and so do I,

Brother in Christ,



AMDG – Remember to offer prayers today for our beloved Holy Father, Pope Francis I!!

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati – Pray for us.  Sister Mary Joseph – Pray for us.

St. Therese of Lisieux – Pray for us.