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Be a Light: Biking for Babies and SEEK24

Imagine what it would be like to be able to attend an event with thousands of young adults from across the country, who have a desire to grow in their Catholic faith and deepen their relationship with Christ.  Sounds like it would be an amazing opportunity to meet and connect with young people who are passionate about life, right?

Thankfully, we don’t have to just imagine what this would be like, because next week, from January 1-5, this will be a reality. Biking for Babies is going to SEEK 2024 in St. Louis!


SEEK is a Catholic conference by FOCUS that allows thousands of college students and young adults to come together as the Church. It’s a time to encounter Jesus and his church, of personal transformation, and of togetherness as a community.

The theme of the 2024 conference is “Be the light!” As St. John Paul II once said, “You are children of the light!  You belong to Christ, and He has called you by name.” 

At Biking for Babies, we too share this message. Each and every one of us belongs to Christ, and He calls us by name to be part of a certain mission.


Biking for Babies will have a booth at Mission Way, which is a space where different apostolates, mission groups, and organizations can share about what they do and recruit anyone who is interested. 

At Booth 229, we will have the opportunity to encounter and connect with young people who are seeking more and looking for ways to put their faith into action. We will be able to speak with young adults who are being called to open wide their hearts to Christ and go all in.

We’ll also touch base with mission partners and supporters, promote and increase awareness of our mission, and fuel up as a team for the 2024 missionary season.

For anyone headed to SEEK 2024, come find us!  We will be at Booth 229 and can also be spotted around the conference wearing Biking for Babies shirts. 

Our time at SEEK is sure to be an amazing one, and we look forward to all the fruits that will come from the week. 

Pray for our recruiting efforts, that God will inspire and send us young adults who are open to and excited about honing their gifts for the sake of life.

And if you’re attending SEEK, we’ll see you there!