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Answering the Call: Living the Gospel of Life


And just like that, the 2024 National Ride Formation Program has launched. Praise God!  

Thank you for journeying with us and our 92 missionaries this season! If you’re new here, let me introduce who we are.

Biking for Babies is a community that desires to give bold witness to the goodness of human life and aims to help you become a joyful advocate for human dignity through Christian formation, pregnancy center support, and charitable cycling. Our National Ride Formation Program specifically engages young adults, who join as riders and support crew missionaries.

These individuals become a community that endures much to work toward our vision of a society that embraces the immeasurable worth of every human life. They have said “yes” to God’s summons to live the Gospel of Life; that is, to respect, protect, love and serve all human life.  

The world needs God’s saving power and each missionary gives their witness to the beauty and joy of life, especially a life lived to the full. So how do we put that into action?  

Our missionaries commit to months of growing spiritually, physically, sacrificially as they train for the National Ride and beyond. The training prepares them to tell the story of the Gospel and offer moments of conversion for the hearts of those we meet.  

Too many of our friends, family members, and colleagues are unaware of pregnancy centers and the free services they offer to pregnant mothers. More people are unaware that countless women and men regret abortion.  

Missionaries not only tell this news, but also converse with those who disagree with our beliefs, not simply to argue, but to share the beauty, goodness, and truth of God’s love and to offer real information about those we aim to serve. Biking for Babies is honored to share stories of women served in their unexpected, at-risk and difficult pregnancies and the hope offered by pregnancy centers and maternity homes.  

As we launch, we encourage you to read through their bios, praying for them to be transformed by their formation experience. We invite you to pray about how you too can live the story of the Gospel; that Jesus lived, died, and rose from the dead to save us and show us how to revere life.  

One way you can show your support of women in unplanned pregnancies and renewing the culture of life is with our special edition blue jerseys. Visit until May 6 to get yours.

Be sure to follow along, as 2024 is sure to be a wild ride!