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15th Year Anniversary: Alumni Offerings

by Aubrie Faust, Director of Missionary Formation

My first year as a Biking for Babies missionary, I was one of those people that got talked into being on support crew by a friend who was riding. 

His team had ONE support crew missionary and they weren’t going to be able to go on the National Ride if more people didn’t step up and join their team. 

Even though at first I was hesitant, didn’t really know what I was getting myself into, and had joined the team just weeks before the National Ride, that first year I ended up having such an amazing experience of joy and hope. 

It went on to have a lasting impact on my life. And I ended up staying involved in different capacities within the organization for every year after that. 

I realized I had found a place that I could make meaningful change in myself and in the world.

It can be hard to find and get plugged into the right opportunities to help you live intentionally and actively build God’s kingdom here on earth with the busyness of jobs, family, and life in general. 

Especially after experiencing a mission like Biking for Babies as a missionary, you know that God calls you to do great things in His name and to experience joy and hope.

Even though your time as a National Ride Formation Program missionary may have come to a close, Biking for Babies still can offer you ways to do great things for God and to experience joy and hope.

That’s why we are super excited to offer two opportunities to you, our alumni, to join us in our mission in our 15th Year!

Prayer Partner

We all know this mission is not possible without prayer. During this missionary season, dedicate some of your time to lift up a specific missionary or missionaries in prayer, supporting them spiritually on their journey with Biking for Babies. All of our missionaries–including Ryan, Sophia, Vince, Jess, and Megan, to name a few–need your prayers.

Virtual Alumni Ride

Our first ever virtual Alumni “Ride” is coming up! Sign up to walk or run a 5k, or hop on your bike for a 25, 50, or 100 mile ride any time of your choosing July 8-13, during the week of this year’s National Ride. 

That’s right- you can ride in solidarity with this year’s missionaries and other alumni across the country, as well as raise money for the mission while you’re doing it!


We want to help you continue living out the Gospel of Life and to stay plugged into this vibrant community. 

The renewal of the culture is not just for current missionaries: it’s for all of us. Though it may not be time to return to active involvement in Biking for Babies, it does incite the reflection: what are you doing to renew the culture in your own life?

Contact Aubrie if you have any questions about the 2024 alumni offerings, and check out these other ways you can support the mission: