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How Could I Not? A Missionary’s Reflection

This reflection is a part of a series of missionary contributions where you’ll hear more about their “why” for defending and celebrating life with Biking for Babies. This post was shared by Max, a first-year missionary rider.

About a year ago, I finally began to take my faith more seriously. I made some changes in my life and made a commitment to devote myself more fully to my Catholic faith.

Since making that decision, God has blessed me in so many ways and has helped me realize the countless blessings he has already given me: none of which are greater than the gift of life.

One must look no further than the Passion of Christ to see that. Jesus died so that we may live.

God became man, was persecuted, beaten, and brutally died on a cross so that we may live, and He thought of each and every one of us while He hung from that tree. How can we throw that away?

God has intimately known all of us from the moment of our conception. He has counted all the hairs on our heads. He created each and every one of us unique in his own image. How can we throw that away?

How can we have a God that loves us so much, and deny innocent babies from even getting the chance to know Him?

God gave us life out of his infinite love. Any attempt to destroy that life is infinitely evil.

So how could I do anything other than defend life?


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