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Making it Personal with Bishop Joensen

ED Nikki was able to share the mic with Board Member Bishop William Joensen of the Diocese of Des Moines on his radio show “Making it Personal with Bishop William Joensen.”

Together, Nikki and Bishop Joensen talked about the impact of Biking for Babies. In part, the mission helps mothers see the value of their own lives as well as the lives of their unborn children. It is that awareness of human dignity that’s echoed in our formation of young adults that is driving cultural change throughout the country, and supports the local efforts of Des Moines and Iowa as well.

Bishop has been a supporter of Biking for Babies since he onboarded as a board member four years ago and as an avid cyclist himself, and will be riding in the Central Iowa Ride for Life on June 29. We’ve been told he’s hard to keep up with and likes to lead the pack; sound like a challenge to anyone else?!

You can sign up for the Central Iowa Ride for Life until June 27, and peer-to-peer fundraising for Biking for Babies is encouraged.

In a letter to Vocations Directors, Bishop Joensen shared: “I speak for the entire Biking for Babies Board in affirming our conviction that together we can, by God’s grace, advance the mission our Savior Jesus Christ entrusted to us, and do “even greater works” that will glorify our Triune God.”

May we all own our own part in God’s plan and glorify God how He has called us!

Listen to "Making it Personal" with Bishop Joensen, featuring Nikki Biese
Click on the picture to sign up for the Central Iowa Ride for Life!