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Meet Our PRCs: Women’s Care Center in Milwaukee, WI

Women’s Care Center in Milwaukee, WI has shared a story with us a story very close to the heart of their ministry about a young woman named Cassie. Read on, and support this pregnancy resource center and other PRCs by giving at

 Cassie is a young woman from Waukesha who called our Hotline seeking an abortion. She hasn’t been to a doctor since she was 14 and thought she might be pregnant. Our counselor encouraged her to come to our center for a free medical grade pregnancy test and same-day ultrasound to verify pregnancy.


In her first visit with us, Cassie revealed to our counselor that a childhood disease has kept her in hospitals most of her young life. This disease causes Cassie constant bodily pain and extreme exhaustion. Burnt out by her frequent hospital visits, she stopped seeing a doctor and began to self-medicate. Given her physical limitations and lack of healthful solutions she was convinced that it would be impossible for her to carry and parent a newborn.


Thank God she came to the Women’s Care Center. In fact, Cassie represents the 2 out of 3 clients that come to us who are heavily abortion minded – intent on having an abortion.


Our loving counselor, Rita LISTENED a lot. She SHARED with Cassie the physical and emotional risks of abortion and explained how her decision to abort could add a new layer of pain on top of the disease she continued to battle today. Rita DISCUSSED the loving option of adoption. AND OFFERED HOPE by letting her know that if she chose to parent then we would offer classes that are specific to her needs like Pregnancy Nutrition, Baby Care Basics, Single Parenting and more. Cassie was interested to learn that by participating in goal setting and parenting classes she would earn all necessary baby supplies for her baby (new crib, diapers, clothing and more).


Of course, first thing’s first. Rita needed to get Cassie reconnected with a stable medical team in Waukesha who could effectively address the disease and provide pre-natal care for her and her developing baby. Doing this eliminated Cassie’s need to doctor herself and offered safe pain management solutions.


Today, Cassie is mom to a little girl just 3 months old. She has great support from her own mom and continues to come to our center for classes including one on Post Partum Depression which her doctors were able to diagnose in her shortly after her daughter’s birth.


No longer could Cassie see herself as a helpless woman stricken with a debilitating disease…but as we saw her when she walked through our door…a mom.


97% of the young women that receive some form of counseling and an ultrasound from us choose life – And so many of them are taking important steps to self-sufficiency! It is no wonder that the abortion rate in Milwaukee dropped 24% since our opening on Farwell Ave. just 5 years ago!

Again, if you’d like to donate to centers like Women’s Care Center, please visit to support their ministries and clients like Cassie who come through their doors daily!