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Echoing the Fiat

This past Sunday was the Solemnity of the Annunciation. Although the actual 2016 date of the Annunciation was the same day as Good Friday (the only time that will happen in our lifetime), we celebrated this week.

Through Gabriel’s visit to Mary, we learn of what it means to be a true disciple of Christ: to surrender our own will completely so that we can be filled with Christ’s love and be a vessel of His mercy.

But for women of the world, especially those served through our pregnancy resource centers can draw something potentially more captivating.

Mary’s fiat was more than just a yes! Mary agreed to follow God’s plan, even though she did not understand where it would take her.

Mary was not ready to be a mother; she was young and unwed. Then, only because an angel also appeared to her betrothed did he agree to stay with her. And then, she was carted across the region to give birth to this baby in less than ideal circumstances.

Praise God that she said yes through all of this!

The women that receive services from our nation’s pregnancy resource centers are often in similar predicaments to Mary, though often less willing to say yes.

They are not ready to hear the news about their pregnancy. They do not have willing social support. Many low-income mothers must have their babies away from their families and friends, sometimes in other cities due to birth complications or places other than hospitals.

Many of these women, because they foresee these circumstances, do not want to say yes and bring their child into the world in this way.

Maybe their children come at a time where the mother is not financially ready to support a baby or needs more social support. Maybe there are other outstanding circumstances we who have never been in that situation cannot understand.

However, we pray that they can look to the Holy Mother’s example, trust in God, and say yes to life! Their fiat can echo Mary’s, and from her example, they can draw strength.

Next week, we will announce the PRCs we will be partnering with for the 2016 year. You will be able to see some of their information and their stories on our website, as well as links to their website.

Praise God for your yes to financially and spiritually support these centers through our team!

If you would like to make a donation through one of this year’s riders or in honor/memory of a loved one, visit

  1. Great article! 1 Timothy 2:15, God bless!!

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