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Celebration of Life: more than a party

by Sarah Wiese, Director of Operations and Marketing

June 27, 2024


The smell of hot pavement wafted in the breezy air. 

The sound of cowbells and cheering rang through the parking lot. 

No, it wasn’t a rodeo, but the driveway of St. Joseph Church in Manchester. 

Children, parents, and local supporters passionately cheered on a group of dozens of  young adults who had just completed a combined 3,600 mile journey on bicycles and in support vehicles to raise awareness and funds for women throughout the nation. 

Biking for Babies was hosting its fourth annual Celebration of Life at St. Joe’s, and it was a hit. 

As the young adult cyclists and support crew members ran to hug their loved ones, and  friends greeted friends, it was clear that something amazing was happening. 

Culture was being constructed. 

Since 2009, Biking for Babies’ community has remained steadfast in its joyful renewal of  the culture of life in America. 

Uniting discipleship and discipline, the organization’s flagship program focuses on offering young adults opportunities to sacrifice for others through total gift of self, specifically through physical and spiritual training united to raising support for and advocacy of pregnancy centers who serve pregnant women. 

And here, in the parking lot and gymnasium of St. Joseph in Manchester, these young adults  were celebrated for their commitment, just as one might celebrate a graduate committing  to the next chapter of their life. 

Because it was entirely clear that this was not an end, but a beginning. 

These young adults were being sent forward, forever changed by what they experienced  during those 3,600 miles, as missionary disciples of Jesus Christ. 

They were being launched back into a world where it would take God’s strength to fuel  them in their joyous evangelization. 

And the community, gathered around folding tables and sharing life together, was ready to  show their support for these young people who so passionately were ready to go back to  their own homes and change the world.

So when the Celebration of Life returns to St. Joseph’s this July 13, grab your favorite  noisemaker, and join the masses who are celebrating the goodness of life the best way they  know how—through breaking bread, sharing stories, and encouraging each other to go out,  with joy in their heart, to share the news that life is good. 

It is very, very good. 

If you also want to give bold witness to the gift of life, join us at the Celebration of Life in St. Louis (RSVP for your free seat here) or for our sister event in Arlington.

You can also support the missionaries’ fundraising efforts there as well! Help us reach $450K given to pregnancy center partners this year, by September 15.

Grab Your Seat in St. Louis Grab Your Seat in Arlington

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