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Sarah Wiese

Director of Operations and Marketing

My name is Sarah Wiese, and I am a daughter of God, chosen and beloved. I am a wife of 1, mother of 2, keeper of 3 coffee mugs in my car at any given time, and lover of all 4 seasons…well, sometimes summer in sweet home Alabama is more of a “love/hate relationship.”

Since 2014 when I was support crew on my first National Ride, I’ve been around Biking for Babies in various capacities: as a missionary, as executive leadership, as content creator, as social media director, and more. 

If there’s just one thing I’ve learned from my time with Biking for Babies, it’s to get out of the way of the “wild goose” nature of the Holy Spirit. The countless number of times I’ve seen God bless and direct this apostolate in more than unexpected ways is balm to my overthinking brain and naturally controlling spirit. Through Biking for Babies, I feel God calling me personally to continued transformation as my awareness of and appreciation for God’s providence grows alongside the growth of the organization. Truly, as much as I see the power and workings of the Spirit in our missionaries, mission partners, PRC partners, volunteers and staff, and passers-by, none of it is as clear or remarkable to me as what’s been done in my own heart.

I’d love to chat about how the Lord has worked in your heart as well; you can reach me at at most times, but preferably after I’ve had my first cup of coffee.