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Hannah Cottingham



About Hannah

Hello! My name is Hannah Cottingham, Director of Pregnancy Resource Center Relations!

I am from Central Illinois where I live with my husband, Luke, and children, John-Paul, Edith, and Adela. My husband and I met at the Newman Center at Illinois State University where we both studied to become English teachers. I teach English at the local Catholic high school where I have the amazing gift of not only teaching young people, but helping form them to be courageous Catholics! Some of my favorite things to do are read, cook and bake with my kids, swim, and spend time with my family.

Serving the Biking for Babies community as the Director of Pregnancy Resource Center Relations has been a joy and a gift. Through Biking for Babies, I have made friendships that I value deeply and it has allowed me to have a greater sense of purpose. One of the biggest lies of being “pro-choice” is that women can’t achieve their dreams and be a mother at the same time. This is my motivation for being a part of Biking for Babies. Women deserve to know that they are worthy and enough. Through my role as Director of Pregnancy Resource Center Relations, I get to help other young people show women their worth.