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Lauren Woelffer


Hello! My name is Lauren, Director of Health and Wellness! 

I am from outside of Chicago, graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training, and currently pursuing a master’s degree in Athletic Training at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill! I feel most at peace in an empty chapel, most joyful in a cozy coffee shop, and most free riding my bike on a wide open country road. I love spending quality time with friends and family, and I am passionate about creating a world where women feel supported to choose life for their children. 

When I joined Biking for Babies as a rider in 2020, I never would have imagined that my skill as an athletic trainer and passion for Biking for Babies would lead me to taking the position as the Director of Health and Wellness. It has been a blessing to see how the Lord has merged these two interests together for His greater glory. Biking for Babies has confirmed my belief that all human life has inherent dignity and pregnancy resource centers are a tangible way to carry out this belief. I love that my executive team role enables riders to unite their passion for life with the sacrifice of physical suffering for a greater purpose. It is an honor to be in this position, and I am thrilled to be a part of what the Lord will do through Biking for Babies.