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When Choosing Life is Difficult: A PRC Story

I want to share a story with you that was shared with me when I visited the Women’s Care Center of Milwaukee this weekend.

A women named Chloe was facing an unplanned pregnancy. This wasn’t how she expected her life to be going. She had recently graduated college and was just starting a new career. She was also really worried about how disappointed her parents would be if she told them. Her boyfriend wanted her to get an abortion, and she believed it was the best course of action. She spent some time talking to one of the WCC counselors but also contacted the abortion clinic. She wasn’t sure what was the best decision. Finally after her fourth ultrasound, Chloe decided to choose life and gave birth to a baby girl. To her surprise, when she told her Dad, he was very supportive and promised that he and her Mom would be there for her.

I really liked this story because sometimes I get stuck thinking that the Women’s Care Centers are only serving those who don’t come from a good background or are in an abusive relationship or come from a broken home and have no support system. But these places serve women from all different backgrounds and no matter where they come from, all are treated with dignity and respect. Even when I was there on Saturday, a woman came in who found out she was pregnant and admittedly pro-life, but was leaning towards abortion because she’s 22 and didn’t think she could support a child. It’s amazing how the devil can prey on our fears and cause us to think about going against our beliefs in time of trouble.

Please pray for this woman and all women who are going through the same struggle with fear of the unknown during pregnancy. You can donate to pregnancy centers like Women’s Care Center by visiting  Read more about WCC of Milwaukee here.