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The Power of the People

by Bryce Wiegert, first-year riding missionary
A quote that can summarize this post is “there is no power in the world that can stop the forward march of free men and women when they are joined in the solidarity of human brotherhood” -Walter Reuther. This quote not only describes the pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) I was paired with, but also the common theme of the entire pro-life movement.

COL19 Northern Route TalkingWhile preparing for Biking for Babies, I was paired with a PRC. At the time, I barely knew what PRC was let alone wanted to call the director of the center to ask some questions. I emailed back and forth with the director, trying to set up a time to call, and the entire time I didn’t know what to ask. After we picked a date, I called him, and before I could even ask my first question, my whole day was brightened by Bryan, who was excited to work with us towards rebuilding the culture of life. Bryan is the director of Innervisions Healthcare in Iowa.

Innervisions has been open for 8 years, and in the last three years has made insane progress, focusing on marketing to let women know what they can offer. As Bryan stated it, Innervisions aims to “empower women to save their own babies, and Innervisions just accompanies them along the way.” Innervisions is actively keeping up to help women even more, as they are active in abortion pill reversal studies, and can offer the pill for free to women in need. Along with this service to women, Innervisions embodies a non-judgemental culture, where you are greeted with a smile. They also pride themselves on being straightforward to the women in need, helping wherever they need assistance.

Innervision’s services stretch far beyond what is listed on their website. The story that stuck out to me the most when talking to Bryan was that Innervisions once donated a car to a woman in need. This woman was struggling through an unplanned pregnancy. A car accident led to this woman immediately scheduling a Planned Parenthood appointment. After realizing that she did not want an abortion, she came to Innervisions and broke down. Finding any way to help, Innervisions asked her, “well, I heard you just got in a car crash, so do you need a car?” After saying yes, Innervisions asked their donors for a car, and within 24 hours, 4 different cars were offered up. This story struck me, and I think embodies the spirit of the pro-life movement. We all want to work together to help, in whichever way we can to preserve another life.

COL19 Crowd CheeringBiking for Babies, along with the pro-life movement, utilizes the power of the people to make a difference. People from across the country work together to raise awareness, and support for these women in crisis pregnancies.

When I signed up for this ride, I didn’t realize the impact we could make even as a small group. Every year Biking for Babies targets a “lazy” population and asks us to do something a little crazy. At first, we’re all nervous for the tasks ahead, but as we use the power of the people, everything becomes easier, and we’re able to make an enormous statement to the world. The pro-lifers are here; we’re here to make an everlasting impact and to rebuild a culture of life while providing as much help to women as we can.

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