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Day 5 Summary

Picking up where Mike left off, we had a late start leaving the Williams’ around 6:30am.  When outside of Memphis at our first stop another biker, Wayne, was traveling through on his way to work who decided to join us.  He guided us through the winding hills of Tennessee for around 15 miles.

We continued on to the town of Dyersburg for Mass, and then enjoyed a stop at the Subway for lunch largely due to the kind manager, John.  He gave us all free cookies! Also, one of the gentlemen eating there gave us an escort out of town.  We continued on our way into Kentucky, and then road on a fairy into Missouri for a total of three states traversed throughout the day.

After a blazing hot day we rode into our destination of East Prairie, MO with a nice tail wind.  A cop escort brought us the last mile to the Life Center of the Church of God where the cheerleading team and a reporter were waiting for us to congratulate us on the day.  Finally, after a good dinner we rode the last four miles to our host family, Regina and Mike Mickel.  Gotta catch some sleep; I hear we are getting 97 degree heat tomorrow.