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Walking… Uhh, riding in memphis

Hey folks! Apologies for the day late post. Tonight we’re writing from East Priaire, Missouri. But Taylor will be writing about todays travels later… Yesterday was a day full of hills, spills, and 143 miles to do it all in! Generous tailwinds hurried us along into our lunch stop in Batesville, MS… Maintaining speeds up to 28mph! Mostly in thanks to Jeremy’s heroics in typically cutting the wind for the team… Over zealous drafting on my part led to a nasty fall at about 18mph after catching Taylor’s wheel. Only minor scrapes to show for it though… Arrived gratefully at the home of Kelly Williams and her family who so generously welcomed us with a good meal and soft beds… This morning, we only begrudgingly groaned and fell out of our beds to begin our long hot journey to East Prairie, Missouri… But I’ll let Taylor share that. Happy weekend everyone!