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Carvana and Pregnancy Care

By Women’s Choice Network

Buying a car is not exactly a life changing decision. But my new (used) SUV taught me a lot about our clients and how they make abortion decisions.

I knew exactly what I wanted. Make, model, color, features and of course, price. It was time to make a deal. And I knew that making that deal meant spending hours at a dealership, hearing the pitch, angling for a price, and jumping in and out of used cars in a snowy parking lot. Also looming ahead was the endless pile of paperwork–“Sign here, here, here, initial here, here, here, and here. Vital information here, and here, embarrassing personal financial information here, here, and here…” Ugh. Then it dawned on me. Caravana! Of course! I could simply fill out a form online and my dream car would magically appear at the end of my driveway. No chiseling salespeople, no embarrassing questions, no haggling. Car buying freedom.

Our clients think they know what they want. They are pregnant and the abortion pill is available online with no questions. And because of a new FDA ruling, even the corner drug store can “fix a problem pregnancy” with no embarrassing questions or lengthy paperwork. The abortion pill is Carvana. Fill out a simple online form and the magic pills that silently end the life of their child appear in their mailbox at the end of the driveway. Reproductive freedom.

Before I could google “car heaven,” my husband intervened with the many reasons we should visit a dealership. It was a long quiet drive. Once inside, our wonderful salesman listened to my wish list. He made us laugh and was genuinely kind. While we stayed warm and toasty inside, he scoured the lot and brought a dreamy new (used) SUV to the front door. The paperwork was painless. And when I climbed into the driver’s seat, I knew that this wasn’t the car I wanted–it was better. It was the car I needed. I love it.

Within the last year or so, it has become increasingly convenient to abort a child. Common sense requirements to confer with a doctor or confirm pregnancy have been swept away so that abortion pills can be mailed anywhere in the US, even where pro-life laws are in place. Women have been told that abortion is what they want. They have become the victims of pharmaceutical greed and political cowardice. Babies are dying. Immorality is rising. The abortion clinic has been replaced by the Carvana equivalent—online services that promise to deliver reproductive freedom right to your door. But in 50 years, abortion has not delivered on any of its promises. Abortion Pill-vana leaves women harmed and more lonely and lost than ever. Pregnancy centers have a new opportunity to intervene. We must continue to reach women. Our advertising must prevail and be attractive to those who’d rather skip the face to face visit. When we see our clients, ultrasound, abortion pill reversal, and caring relationships transform hearts and minds. Lives are saved. Families are restored. Thank you for helping us to serve with kindness so that women can be cared for, safe and warm, while we listen to what they want, then provide what they truly need.