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We Can’t Do it Alone

I was on our monthly Biking for Babies team call this week and, being less than a month away, several of the missionaries, myself included, brought up how we were lacking motivation, needing encouragement, and facing a bit of spiritual warfare.  Looking around at what’s happening in the world around us, it’s no surprise that living out our pro-life beliefs, growing in our faith, and cultivating a stronger relationship with Christ can be hard.  Not only is it hard, it’s uncomfortable.  But as I’ve been reminded time and time again, that is kind of the point of Biking for Babies.  It is a very small glimpse into what women facing unexpected pregnancies may experience.  The several months of preparation leading up to the National Ride and the actual ride are supposed to be hard.  When what we are doing is hard, we have the opportunity to lean into our faith, rely on the community around us, enter deeper into prayer, and draw our strength from God.

On the team call, one of the other missionaries on the call shared that we will not be able to complete the preparation for the National Ride or the ride itself perfectly.  We will fail and things will not go according to our plans.  But when we feel like we can’t continue on and during those times that we want to give up, we must depend completely on God.  And we must be vulnerable and ask for help from those around us.

Similarly, our hope is that women in unplanned pregnancies do the same thing.  They face various emotions and challenges that are far more difficult than what we face on our journeys as Biking for Babies missionaries.  We hope that in their weakest moments and lowest points, they ask for help and turn to the pregnancy resource centers who offer so much support and compassion to anyone who walks through their doors.

I do not know what it’s like being unexpectedly pregnant while feeling alone, scared, without support, and pressured by many different voices.  But I do know that babies are a precious gift from God.  Mothers (and fathers too) sacrifice so much and it is hard.  But it is beautiful and worth it.  

When we are struggling in our preparation for the National Ride, may we focus on what we’re doing, who we’re doing it for, and why, and keep going.  May we be vulnerable, allow others to help us, and depend fully on God.  And may we all remember that the things worth doing are hard, but oh so beautiful.