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The Breaking News came across several social media pages yesterday. 

The Supreme Court will hear a case from Mississippi that challenges Roe v. Wade.  The case, Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization is regarding a 15-week abortion ban.  As someone who follows politics closely, this brings many exciting possibilities.  Furthermore, as someone who is pro-life and strives to live pro-life each day, I know that the political realm of things is only one small part.

As we often hear, being pro-life, our goal should not only be to make abortion illegal, but also unthinkable.  Reflecting on this, I am reminded that this sums up Biking for Babies; all that the organization is and everything it stands for.  Biking for Babies is a great model of what it should look like when we work to make abortion unthinkable.

It is easy to say that we want abortion to be banned.  Being pro-life, of course we want it banned.  However, we must go further.  That is exactly what Biking for Babies does.  The organization works to create a culture where abortion would never even be thought of as an option.  We are all called to work for this kind of culture.  We are all called to provide support to women and families in crisis or unplanned pregnancies so they know that they are supported and strong enough to choose life.

I can already envision the types of comments and posts that will fill social media over the next few months.  Those advocating for abortion will make the argument that the pro-life movement “wants to control women’s bodies” or that we “don’t care about the baby after birth.”  This is when we need to stay committed to the pro-life cause and work hard to turn our words into actions.  Regardless of any laws or rulings, we need to demonstrate to the world around us that we care.  We need to show that the pro-life movement is not going anywhere.  Even when we see pro-life victories in our government and in our politics, we will keep working.  We will keep supporting.  Most of all, we will keep loving.

In the time leading up to this Supreme Court case, I hope to see progress.  I hope to see more people having conversations.  I hope minds and hearts are transformed to see the value of life.  More than anything, I pray that each and every one of us who is pro-life will choose to support, encourage, and love until abortion is unthinkable.