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Super long ride. YEAH YAAAAHH!!!

Hey everyone, this is Stacy! So today was a pretty sweet day, we all have mixed feelings about it though. We woke up and had a wonderfully delicious breakfast made by Mrs. Nickel, said goodbye to Mr. Danny McShane (went to a wedding) and then headed off to Freeburg Illinois… on our bicycles. I was falling asleep on the bike so when we stopped for a break I got an ice coffee, it was great. There were lots of up hills and DOWN hills today! they were really awesome! we were going like 38 mph*** down some of them. SO much fun. At the top of one of these huge hills was a very beautiful church. We stopped in and said some prayers and the divine chaplet which refueled our spirits for the long  day ahead. We stopped at a bike store to get some repairs done and other stuff like lunch we picked up in some sweet little town as well. OH, it was soo great! we passed a river with one of those ropes hanging off a tree and so we stopped and tried it out. fun fun, I love life. After that stop  we got pretty spread out which isn’t ideal but I actually really enjoyed going at my own pace, enjoying the scenery and getting some alone time. No smells boys around me, haha just kidding… I get pretty smelly too after 5 hours of biking. The bad thing about getting separated is that we lost Steve when he missed the turn. We got him, he just ended up doing some extra mileage – but all for a good cause right? So here is Eric for anything else! I gotta go to bed. I am so so sleepy.

Eric here and Yes, bed time right?  Well we had a crazy day after it was all said and done.  Long pit stops, finding new cleats for some of the guys, I had a flat and a hole in my tire, and then yes there was Stephen’s little adventure in southern Missouri.  O and did I mention there were supposedly record highs ( I believe 98 degrees is what I heard) and we were out in the sun all day long.  This along with us going about 35 miles more than we heard we were going in the morning (the final total ended up at 155).  Yet I didn’t hear any complaining despite it being one of the toughest Biking for Babies point to point j0urneys that I can think of.  We all made it safe and happy as can be and I think that is a great testimony to your prayers for us cause without them I don’t know where we would’ve ended up ( or at least where Stephen would’ve ended up 🙂 haha you had to of been there ).   Please keep praying for us and for the babies and expecting women who need your prayers and tell your friends and family about us and the site.  We’ve seen so much interest from people during the ride it has been crazy!

Signing out, good night, and God Bless

Stacy and Eric

*** Editor’s Note:  It is important that the readers know that Eric Johannigmeier recorded a speed of 41.5 mph on the same hill, Mike Schaefer was guestimated to be rapidly approaching speeds upwards of 60 mph on his bike on this hill but nobody knows for sure.