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Saving Babies: a PRC Story

robbinsdaleThe Robbinsdale Women’s Center was founded in 1992. Kristi’s (my contact) parents founded the center. Her mother used to stand outside the abortion clinic praying for the moms that were going in, and she became inspired. Since then, there have been over 26,000 babies saved!

They have recently expanded to a mobile ICU unit as well as their main center. They also have a mentoring program from new moms and dads where they can earn “money” to spend at the center’s boutique!

Their goal is to not only save the babies, but to change the mothers life too. A woman that comes into this center can expect a warm, comfortable environment. Everyone on staff is full of compassion and love and truly wants to help change and save lives!

Here is an inspirational story directly from Robbinsdale, MN! The name was changed for privacy reasons.

Tonya came to RWC feeling like she may be pregnant and wanted to know for sure.When asked how she would feel if she were pregnant, she stared blankly with no response.She wasn’t sure how to feel because she was forced by her boyfriend to abort her last two pregnancies.The sadness that has followed has been overwhelming.Her boyfriend said he would leave her if she carried her babies and she could not imagine being alone, so she followed his wishes.
Tonya’s pregnancy was confirmed.  After processing for a while, she realized how capable she is of being a mom and standing up for herself.   She stated with excitement “I am keeping my baby!”  Tonya was able to hear and believe that God loves her and that the lives of both her and her baby have immense value.
Praise God for the work that is done in Robbinsdale Women’s Center! If you would like to give to pregnancy resource centers like RWC, Biking for Babies is partnering with 30 centers this year. Your donation through B4B will be distributed to all of these centers so that they continue this life-saving work. Visit to donate by check or online! All donations are tax-deductible.