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Recent Ride

This week I wanted to bike my biggest training ride before the real deal. The plan was to get in 200 miles in one day, which makes for a very long day! In regards to how the ride went, I have some good news, followed by some bad news, followed by some good news.

The first bit of good news is that I got in my longest ride ever biking 153 miles (I know it’s an odd distance, but you will see why) and I did not feel too tired doing it. I was also able to bike along at a good speed which is also encouraging to see that my current fitness level is up to the level I want it at. The bad news is I stopped at 153 because the inside of my right knee started hurting. I was pretty scared because I have had a lot of injuries running wise and so I decided to cut the ride short instead of gritting through the pain. Better safe than sorry durring the training stage.

But lets forget the bad news, the next bit of good news is yesterday I decided to run in the morning to see how my knee felt, and it felt great. I ran 10 miles at a good clip with a buddy of mine from U of I. Then I went for a short 25 mile bike ride at a low gear with little ressistance and my knee did not bother me at all so I was very happy! Now I have only a couple more training rides left before the big ride (probably a lot of precautionary icing and stretching too).

So now the main thing is taking the momentum going into the ride and using it to spread the word leading up to the ride, during the ride, and after the ride. Along with spreading the message, we can take part in prayer, fasting, and almsgiving to remove the “culture of death” from our society and install a “culture of life”. Let’s keep up the good work everybody!