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Go Spread the Word

This week I did a 140 mile bike ride. I never thought that I would ever desire to bike even close to that many miles in one day. The bike ride wasn’t bad though and the time went by faster than I thought it would. The plan is to get in a ride close to 200 miles next week and be ready for the big trip coming up.

Aside from training though, recently I found out that my friend’s mom considered having an abortion when she was pregnant with him. I can’t imagine how different things would be for me and for many more of my friends if he had never been born. It’s crazy too, because I have known this friend for several years and the topic never came up until I was talking to him about Biking for Babies.

I think most people know someone whose mother considered having an abortion whether they realize it or not. Imagine how different your life would have been without one of your close friends, a relative, a classmate, a neighbor, a teacher, etc. Imagine how different the world would be without all of these wonderful people.

Every person is made in God’s image and every person has the capability to make this world a better place. Why would anyone want to stop someone from making a positive impact on everyone?

I challenge everyone to take some time to pray about abortion and take some time to research about the topic. You will probably find some of the true facts more disturbing than you thought they would be. I know I did.

And after you have done these two steps above, go spread the word. Talk to your family and talk to your friends about it. These are hard topics to discuss and the entire world does not share our view, but if we can make a difference in a few lives and save a few lives, then it is worth it. After all you might just save a future friend’s life.

Me and some of my friends