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The season of Lent is one of my favorite seasons. For me, it is a time of reflection and preparation. During Lent, we prepare for the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. For 40 days, we reflect, repent, give alms, sacrifice and fast. When the 40 days are up, does some big miraculous thing happen? For most people no, but even still that time of preparation is meant to make you a better person; a person who is closer to God than he or she was before Lent. When I was an athlete in high school my coach always talked about preparation. He always said that the team that prepares better is the team that will most likely win. For many practices, I pushed myself, my teammates pushed me and my coaches pushed me to jump higher, move faster and be smarter. Looking back on it, the games I played in high school didn’t make me a better volleyball player, but rather it was the endless hours at practice that made me better.

There are 134 days left until the Biking for Babies crew starts our journey again. I think I speak for all the bikers when I say we are preparing right now. 134 days may seem like a long time, but in those 134 days it is not just about physical preparation. It is not just a journey that stares the Biking for Babies members in the face. No, it is a life choice. It is a statement. Just like Lent and sports preparation, the actual event of biking across the country is not the thing that changes the bikers and drivers. It is the preparation. We prepare spiritually, mentally, physically and financially and when we do, we have to ask ourselves “why?”. And it is this question that assures us and motivates us to ride again. People bike across the country more often than you think; it is not the ride that attracts people to Biking for Babies (in fact that deters some people), but it is the preparation of every Biking for Babies member that makes people interested. And when our preparation becomes your preparation then you have to ask yourself “why?”. And you realize that it’s because there are women and children hurting in this country because of abortion.

There are 134 days left, so don’t waste that time. I know I can’t afford to. There are prayers that need to be said, there are people that need a helping hand and there are women who need to be provided with another option. Your preparation, for anything, is what defines you. How you prepare for work, Easter, Christmas, sporting events, shows etc. determines the outcome and the benefit you reap from those events. Biking for Babies is not any different. Start your preparation today; pray for us, pray for expecting mothers and their children, spread the pro-life message and tell your friends about Biking for Babies. It is YOUR preparation, that will determine our success this year.

Sending my prayers and love to all of you,