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Our Favorite Things

Some of the riders have shared their favorite parts of the 2016 national ride!

Clare EOne moment I distinctly recall was pedaling as fast as my legs would turn over down a steep hill. With my face embracing the wind, my heart racing, and my uncontainable smile kissing the air, all I could think was: this. is. living. This is a gift beyond comprehesion. This is worth fighting for despite any cost. This is why we ride.” -Clare Eckard, Team Chicago 




“If someone was to come up and ask me, “Hey brother, do you want to go bike hundreds of miles in a sauna?”.  I would probably have turned them down and used it as an example of my impeccable decision skills.  Being the bloke I am, don’t have those impeccable skills, so I did it!  And I am happy I did, in fact, I checked as soon as I got home if I could sign up for the next year.  Why?–I have been involved in the pro-life movement since…birth really, and I have not seen young people get so involved and quite willing to sacrifice time, gifts, and good health to fight for the unborn.  It was also I great chance for me to see the people that are working at

Jonathan Spregnancy resource centers and to both help them through the ride, but also physically help them with events.  There is a great number of people that support them, and not just Catholics, it is an ecumenical movement.  So for the short answer, my favorite part was the people.  The people I rode with, the people that work the PRC and those who support them, the people that gave of their gifts, talents, and homes on the ride, as well as those we met at random stops through the south.  People were my favorite.” -Jonathan Simpson, Team NOLA




Michaela E“My favorite part of the ride was riding over the Mississippi river together as a group and being really excited about entering into a new state. I really liked the team dynamic and the energy levels that allowed the team to keep riding no matter how tired we all were. The positive energy from all the riders made it more worthwhile while all riding for a good cause!” -Michaela Elmer, Team Chicago



“During my first ride with Biking for Babies three years ago, I experienced the most bizarre phenomenon. As the miles added up and my legs entered a state of permanent soreness, it was painful to laugh. When I would laugh, my thighs would feel like they were going to explode. Words are inadequate to describe the intense burning sensation that radiated deep within my muscles. For me, the exploding legs syndrome represented the reality of life on earth – our joys always mixed with sufferings, and our sufferings made lighter by joy. I have experienced this reality every year of Biking for Babies. The difficulty of the journey is alleviated by the enthusiasm of teammates and the

B4B Bio Picgenerosity of host churches. The culture of death that ravages our country is confronted by our zealous witness to the goodness of life. We have the opportunity to offer our sufferings for the pregnancy centers that we represent. This year, my legs now fully accustomed to the rigors of long-distance cycling, laughter brought no pain. I probably laughed just as much, but I will admit that I kind of missed the exploding legs syndrome because it reminded me to rejoice in suffering.” -Christine Kania, Team NOLA


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    George and Joanne Carr says:

    We are thankful for your commitment to mothers and their babies, Christine, and look forward to continuing our support. Keep laughing, but we hope you are not suffering too much.

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