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My Mom Chose Life: a missionary’s reflection

This reflection is a part of a series of missionary contributions where you’ll hear more about their “why” for defending and celebrating life with Biking for Babies. This post was shared by Josh, a first-year missionary rider.


My Mom’s pregnancy with my youngest sisters was a surprise that came at a difficult time for my family. When we got the news, my Mom was raising four kids under the age of ten while my dad was at work. In addition to that, she suffered from bad morning sickness, and the family finances were very tight.

Despite all these roadblocks and difficulties, with the support of family and friends, my parents chose to welcome life. In July of 2009, my youngest sister was born.

To put it simply, I can’t imagine a world without her. We’re very close, and growing up with her helped me learn to be a better man.

Even though I was young, I had the chance to see how important support is during a difficult pregnancy.

I chose to be a Biking for Babies missionary this year so I can help the women and families who find the support they need with our pregnancy center partners.


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