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Missionaries and Spiritual Warfare

As of writing this on Monday, we have interviewed, discerned, and accepted 28 inspiring young adults (and, at the time of publication, are in the final stages of interviewing 5 more) to join us in building the Culture of Life this year! As we onboard our missionaries, please keep them close in your prayers. Total transparency here: last year our missionaries encountered some serious spiritual warfare, even to the point of some of them not being able to go on the National Ride.

This hit our team hard, and some said it felt like our missionaries were being attacked. Going into this year, I am fully aware that as Biking for Babies continues to grow, we are going to need to be ready for hard times. It’s been said wherever there is the greatest opportunity to do Good in the name of Jesus Christ, there is where the Enemy focuses his greatest opposition.These missionaries are the world changers, the ones who will energize the pro-life spirit in the world. How do we prepare them to withstand the challenges and trials that they will inevitably encounter? How do prepare our team for the ups and downs of the battle for souls?

Even Jesus encountered spiritual warfare. If we are going to learn how to deal with disappointments, loss, and suffering, it must be through Jesus’ example. His example of being tempted in the desert points us to the response that we should have as well: Truth.

But how is it that we are best able to speak truth? Through sacred Scripture of course.

I heard once from an anonymous source that “Satan’s target is your mind, and his weapons are lies. So fill your mind with the Word of God.” I’m sure we could all agree that the world would be a better place if we followed Jesus’ example to resist temptation and arm himself with the ability to challenge evil with truth. This is precisely what we are doing with our missionaries and our Executive Team in our 2019 season, so that we may be able to respond with Truth when tempted to give up, give in, or believe that we are unworthy of His love.

This year, we set out with the full understanding that our missionaries will experience people with opposing views, leading to difficult conversations and adversity. We do not shudder at that thought, but rather welcome it. Biking for Babies provides an opportunity for young adults to encounter Christ and grow in their ability to evangelize and share the Good News with them. This Good News shows the world that we all have dignity that needs to be upheld, that we are all worthy of life, and that it must be US, it must be NOW that the world’s approach to unplanned pregnancies need to change. Hearts will be changed when we allow the discourse to happen and impact it for the better. We teach our missionaries to be calm and loving, never confrontational, but rather to always approach everyone with dignity, charity, and Truth.

Please pray with us for our 2019 team: missionaries and Executive Team members alike. We charge into this year excited for God’s will for us and willing to put on the armor of God to change the world (Ephesians 6:11).