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I still remember riding in the van down to Chicago the day before my first Biking for Babies national ride. It was scorching hot that day, and I was thinking about the upcoming journey. Would all the preparation pay off? Had I even prepared enough? How would I be able to ride 4 straight days of 100+ miles on the bike? Despite all the training, I still felt unprepared for the journey ahead.

In Genesis, we learn of a God-fearing man named Abram. He is about to go on an undisclosed journey. He is told by God to pack up everything he owns and head to the place God will show to him (Genesis 12:1-3). What absolute faith is demonstrated by Abram to leave his hometown, family, and friends and take his whole life on the road! He didn’t even know his final destination, but he trusted God to take care of him.

Approaching the ride, I knew exactly how far each day would be and what town we would stop in, and yet, I still found myself doubting that God would be watching over and give me the strength to do the ride. I needed to learn from Abram and trust God had in it all in His hands.

We ride to support women who are just beginning a journey of their own. For many of them, they don’t know who they can trust to take care of them, to support them, or to walk with them. They may feel like there is no one around looking out for them, that they have to have this unplanned pregnancy all alone. That sounds a lot scarier to me than riding a bike with encouraging friends surrounding you.

This is why we ride.

Each day as I rode, I would pray to God for the strength to keep going until the end. He would remind me that at the end of our route that there would be a refreshing shower, good food, and a chance to stand on solid ground (no more bike seat!). The security of knowing a good ending was coming made those final miles easier.

Another well-known journey in the Bible comes from the book of Jonah. In chapter 2, Jonah is in the belly of a giant fish and has no idea when or if he will even get out. And yet, he is calling out to God and putting his hope in his Creator. What an incredible faith from a guy who looks to be in a hopeless place! The Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) we support interact with women who are also in a seemingly hopeless situation. Like Jonah, it is unclear to them how long they’ll be in this situation, but unlike Jonah, they may not know where they can look for support. The PRCs are the key to letting them know that they have support  and have something that will do whatever it takes to help them.

This is why we ride.

The final day of the ride was so exciting. I was pushing myself so hard to finish the ride strong. The journey had been difficult, but in the end, it was worth it. I had built new relationships, strengthened my faith, and raised awareness for our pro-life centers.

It reminds  me of the ultimate journey in the Bible, Jesus’ journey to the cross. To say that was difficult would be a serious understatement. He knew what was coming and even prayed to his Father to take the cup from him if it was possible (Luke 22:42). Yet he intentionally endured the beatings, the whippings, and the hanging on the cross with the weight of the world’s sins on his shoulders. Despite all of this, the journey had an amazing result! Mankind was saved and at one with God. Heaven was available to all who believed in Jesus as their Savior.

We want the women to know that despite the potentially difficult journey ahead of them, it will be for good in the end. The baby they are carrying is a precious soul, loved by God. And just as Jesus didn’t go on his journey alone, neither do these women. The PRCs are there to be with them every step of the way, even after the baby is born.

This is why we ride.

We ride to understand in such a small way what these women are facing, to let them know there is hope in a seemingly hopeless situation, and to make sure they know they aren’t alone.

This is why we take this journey; how will you join us?