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Brittany Ross

Finance Director

Hello! I am Brittany Ross, the Finance Director of Biking for Babies. I enjoy simplifying and organizing practically anything, backpacking, canoeing, running, silence, and watching my five kiddos play together.

I was introduced to the organization by my then boyfriend, now husband, Cory, and his friend, Mike Schaefer, co-founder of Biking for Babies. In 2012 as an accountant on fire for my new found faith in God and beauty of His creation, I was drawn to join Biking for Babies as bookkeeper and support crew member. In 2013 I made the leap to ride from New Orleans to Chicago. What a truly life-awakening experience.

Throughout my accounting career in the agricultural industry and with the loving and selfless support of my husband, my role with Biking for Babies continued to grow. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to contribute my accounting skills for God’s glory as full-time Finance Director and look forward to the beautiful adventure which is Biking for Babies.

I pray for all the women, children, and families who struggle to know the supporting love of God and community. For the babies who were never held in their mother’s loving arms, this is for you.


You can contact Brittany at