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Beware, the following is a commentary of my own thoughts ;)

I can’t believe there are only two days left!! I am leaving home tomorrow!!  Gotta pack, what do I need?  Bike, check.  Helmet, sunscreen, biking shorts, check.  Ohh man, better stop to hydrate quick…

Visualize, you can do this.  Man! Your calves are looking good.  But, why do my legs feel so strange?  I thought you only got butterflies in your stomach, and then only when there is a cute girl around?

Please do not rain on the first day, just not on the first day.

Okay, get back to packing.  Better brings clothes for Mass, and lounging… Ewww, there is an old apple core in the corner of the seat.  Geeze, who knows how long that has been there… mmm, carbs [lol] and it still tastes fine.

And, I better bring stuff for prayer.  Bible, rosary, few books, good.

I can’t wait to see all the other bikers, this is going to be soo much fun!  And, it’s for a good cause.   What a blessing.

130 mile days, I wonder if any of the supporters would know if I just brought my brother’s motorcycle… that’s a bike too…no no, you got this, FOR THE BABIES!  Man, think about it, oh wait I already am [ha], someday in heaven a kid will come up to you and thank you for this.  These legs are… man they are looking good.  Wait, where was I?  Oh yeah, they are saving lives here.   Actually, we all are together.   Bikers, benefactors, all those praying and everyone else behind the scenes are coming together and doing their part.  Eternally speaking, this is something big.   We have an extended community of pro-lifers working together for a greater good.  What’s more, because this is God’s work we are making a difference.

Better go for a quick training run…