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The Secret

As I’m driving down with our NOLA crew on this seventh biking for babies trip, I find myself contemplating… “What’s the secret?”

Leaving my parents’ home in Freeburg this morning, and just getting off the phone with Tammy, our take off spot in Covington…  It makes me feel how tightly bound is the actualization of Biking for Babies in people who simply want to do good…. Despite doing that good at the end of a full time job. Or even taking time off that job to help us.

Despite ourselves pushing through challenges at work, it’s still not enough for some. We are blessed… In fact, Biking for babies is most successful, because it’s not enough for them. There is more good to be done. The spirit of pro-life work doesn’t know “nights and weekends”. Nor do our warm and kind hosts with whom God has blessed us these past six years.

I suppose it’s this “moral fuel” that makes humanity such a special thing… And important thing to protect. I think that’s the most raw and teachable face of pro-life work. I think that’s the core of Christ’s commission in the modern world… They give… Not from their surplus… But, from their own “daily bread”.

Please pray for the riders, that we too, ” give from our own daily bread ” like our warm and kind hosts! Team NOLA is due to rendezvous at the O’Brien household in just a few hours in Covington!