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The Reason for Our Hope

This time of year we find ourselves full of hope: we just experienced the birth of our Savior and celebrated joyfully with our families with rich food, generous gifts and special time. It’s “the most wonderful time of the year” and we try to remember that as we run around searching for the best gift or making that treat someone loves. It truly is an extraordinary season that seems to fill our spiritual cups for the ups and down of the year that will follow.

Have you reflected on what’s next? How are you readying yourself for 2020 and what God has in store?

Our leadership has gone to great lengths to assess our organizational strength and to set far-reaching goals for the 2020 season. Our goals, after much prayerful discernment, are as follows:

  • Recruit 60 missionaries for the 2020 National Ride
  • Partner each missionary with a pregnancy resource center, totaling 60 centers
  • Raise $180,000 for the life-affirming services at these centers
  • Grow our Center-to-Center Learning Program participation to 70%

As Biking for Babies continues to grow our impact on the Culture of Life, we reflect on the effectiveness of our mission. A large part of what our missionaries do is raise funds for the pregnancy resource centers we support. But the why behind the fundraising is more impactful. Fundraising allows us to share the stories of empowered women and their families, welcomed with open arms by the center staff and volunteers. Sharing stories of lives saved, and of lives lost, spreads vital awareness of what it means to serve one another, ultimately allowing people the opportunity to change their mind about abortion. Our missionaries are literally pro-life evangelists, bringing Christ’s Gospel of Life to the world. This is why we recruit missionaries. We transform these young adults and send them back to their worlds, ready and waiting for the chance to share their hope.

One exciting goal is our desire to increase the interconnectedness of pregnancy resource centers. Our Center-to-Center Education Program is designed to do just that, by producing a forum that allows our centers to learn from one another. We saw the first fruits of the forum this past year as staff and volunteers from centers shared their trials, successes, joys and stories from their daily work. The leadership at Biking for Babies prays this will continue to grow and provide spiritual support and effective idea-sharing for our partnered centers. That, my friends, is hope. Hope that we can be a large part of impacting the culture. Hope that our work creates waves, waves of love that free women from the chains of fear that hold them back from embracing life.

The beautiful thing about all of this is that as Christians, we rest in Christ’s hope. The world may not understand how we can suffer and smile at the same time, but it’s that joy that will bring hope to the darkness of the culture. So bring all that joy as we move into another year, one likely to be filled with many victories and losses, all in the name of Christ. Amen!