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The Adventure of Mission: Part 2

The Problem

Right now in this country, in our neighborhoods, cities, and small towns, there is a woman struggling with an unplanned, difficult, at-risk or even planned pregnancy. 

She may not have any family nor support from friends or loved ones. She may be in a toxic relationship.

Right now the world and a throwaway-culture of indifference offers what seems like a solution. Every day in America, 3,000 women choose to have an abortion. As one director of a pregnancy resource center shared, the primary driver for a mother considering abortion is fear. The most common reasons for obtaining abortions are financial instability, relationship issues and family pressure.

Many of these women obtain abortions without all the information needed at such a crucial time in their life. These are women who are our friends. They might be college students, single mothers, mothers with multiple children in stable families, or mothers who desire no more children.

PRCs tell us of countless women who regret their abortion, wishing someone was there for them in their time of need. 

But let me all ask you now, because we must ask ourselves these questions: where is her Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati? Where is her Mother Theresa? Where are the modern-day followers of Christ reaching out a hand to the hopeless, providing for the underprivileged, and carrying their cross for the sake of the other?

That is you, that is me, and that is what Biking for Babies is all about.

We all long for happiness — but there is more. We desire to live lives of significance. If this is going to happen, we need to choose to become active participants in the life God offers each one of us. 

We need to prepare and commit to the greatest adventure of our lives: a life sharing Christ’s love with others every single day, no matter what.

The Solution

The adventure that B4B offers is not just a fun bike trip. It is not just an exciting time with friends and like minded people. It is an adventure for those seeking the heart of Christ.

To pick up our cross and follow Christ is, and continues to be, a large part of our missionaries greatest adventure. 

And like every good adventure, we’ve got a map, we’ve got our companions, and we’ve got our destination. Now I’m excited to tell you how the adventure of Biking for Babies is changing the throwaway culture of indifference by first changing our hearts, by first deepening our relationship with Jesus, and then by deepening our relationship with those around us and most specifically our pregnancy resource centers who are the hands and feet of Christ aiding women in dire need of help.

We have the end goal of our adventure in mind: To renew the culture of life, one pedal stroke at a time. The path in which we take is through the formation of our missionaries. We form young adults who join us for a virtual formation program. Even before COVID made virtual things cool, our formation was virtual so you can participate from your college and young professional life. 

So you can learn to be a missionary disciple right in your own community. 

This formation includes spiritual growth, physical training for our missionaries preparing to ride the bike, and fundraising and apologetic skills for our missionaries to go out into the world proclaiming the good news of the Gospel of Christ. What is all this preparation for? For the crescendo of Biking for Babies: the National Ride. These young people participate as riders or support crew drivers on our weeklong Ride in July which is the visible sign of the invisible adventure that these souls have been embarking on for the past several months. 

It is this visible sign that will enable B4B to energize a culture that responds to crisis with faith, hope and love.

So, we leave you with more questions to consider: What is your role in renewing a Culture of Life? What if we recognized our lives as a gift? What if we changed from being pro-life by name to pro-life by nature? 

Let’s live a radically beautiful life for Christ. 

Let’s take the Gospel of Life to the streets. 

Apply today (due by 11:59pm CT on Feb 28!) by visiting our missionary webpage.