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SUCCESS! (Friday, March 27)

finish-jimmy“It is finished!”

Daily mileage = 85 avg; Total mileage = 636!

Thank you, Thank you.  We appreciate all the prayers and support along the way.  It’s been real.

During the Ride:  This morning we started out in the tundra of Dekalb.  One word: “FREEZING!”  This morning temperature was 28 degrees.  Constant reminder:  “FOR THE BABIES!”  More specifically; “FOR THE KINGDOM!”  Constant prayers were offered up for a greater respect to life, an appreciation for all family/friends, and shaefer (he was only wearing shorts!)

I’d like to thank Eric and Giorgio for helping us trek onward to Chicago.  I’d also like to encourage all those in Aurora (and across the nation) to keep fighting the good fight (PRAY FOR AN END TO THE CULTURE OF DEATH!).

Life lesson learned today:  Don’t ask Chicago-ians for directions, they’ll get you lost.  All jokes aside, life lesson:  When mapping out a week long bike trek, don’t rely on google maps (or add 36ish miles, if it’s a 600 mile trek).

In all seriousness, this spring break most certainly been a tremendous blessing.  Bravo to Mike and John Paul for all their work and efforts.  I also owe a special thanks to all the family/friends that put up w/ us along the journey and to our car co-pilot, Stacy Hague.   Special thanks to my family for all their love and support!

Mike and I will provide you all w/ final video footage, as well as a final count of the earnings (…soon and very soon).  God is good; all the time!

God Bless -J

St. Michael -pray for us, St. Christopher -pray for us, St. Sebastian -pray for us, Mary, Queen of Victory -pray for us

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