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Happy new year everyone! Looks like we’re going to be getting ready for round two of biking for babies. Hard to believe that a year has almost passed since last ride. Not much to say on training–just been putting in some miles on the road (running). Nothing on the bike until I get back to the school and can ride indoors on the rollers like last year. Ride’s going to be set up a bit different. We’ll probably be riding 1200 miles in 10 days with me and other u of i folks riding the first 5 days and jimmy and his group riding the second 5. I think our website should be up and rolling again soon so you can check out some new pictures and things. We’ll also be riding for one more charity–a pregnancy resource center similar to Living Alternatives in champaign. Let’s all continue putting in our prayers for the unborn and the mothers that we’ll be riding for! Thanks again for all of the support last year and we pray for your continued support in the coming months! Peace.