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Made for Mission

My friend Evan gave a talk on a Confirmation retreat in Auburn, AL earlier this year on “the best way to live.” He began his talk by snagging a Polaroid camera and taking a few selfies with the group, an act that caused my ninth-grade girls to swoon.

Evan tried multiple ways to develop the picture, putting the film in water, shining a red light on it, both (of course) to no avail. His point was that if we want to know how to best use something or what it is fully capable of, we look to the manual, created by the creators, by the experts who know every little detail about the camera.

See where this is going yet? 3be9ae0f66fef52aecbad4d5fbe3d20b

That’s how it is in our lives as Christians, too. In order to know what we are capable of, we should look to OUR Creator, the expert who knows every little details about us: God.

Just like the Polaroid, we have been created and designed for a specific purpose. Embracing how God designed us will lead us to experience unimaginable joy.

Part of God’s design is mission. You and I have been designed for mission, created for mission, placed on this earth at this time to fulfill a specific mission that no one else can achieve.

I know you recognize that we have a messy world, and that mess presents itself in different ways: poverty, starvation, hatred, abortion, sexual abuse, violence, conflict, divorce, loneliness.

I think we each recognize that the world needs changing, but the real question is:

What are YOU going to do about it?

Now is the time to throw away all of the excuses you’ve used before. “I’m too young to make a difference.” “People won’t pay attention to me.” “I’m not ready.”

If you listen carefully to those hurting around you, to the altruistic leaders of our time like MLK, JR, or Mother Teresa, if you listen to God, you’ll discover that God is calling you to be a change in the world.

How will you respond? “Not now God, I’m busy”? or “Speak Lord, your servant is listening.”

Right now, if you feel so called, Biking for Babies is providing an opportunity for mission. By fundraising and spreading awareness for our nation’s pregnancy resource centers, you can heat up the molasses of change in our world and BE the difference.

Are you ready?

Will you go?

The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.