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Life must be Generated Outward



 Hello all,

I recently read an article on Pope Francis’ homily on the feast of Corpus Christi. He was commenting on the Gospel of Luke, and this is what it read:

The pope said he is “always struck” by the disciples asking Jesus to send the crowd away to find food and lodging and Jesus telling him, “Give them some food yourselves.”

“In the face of the crowd’s needs, this is the disciples’ solution: Everyone takes care of himself; dismiss the crowd… Many times we Christians have that same temptation; we don’t take on the needs of others, but dismiss them with a compassionate ‘May God help you’.

Admittedly, a need like that of food and shelter is not at the same level as a life or death situation, but it brings up a really good point, especially considering the associated services deserving attention that could potentially save the life of an unborn child.  What can I do to ensure the women and couples in my parish and community have all the means necessary to choose life?  Do they have true healthcare, available counseling, education in schools and elsewhere, protective laws enacted, monetary and personal support?

Let’s work together to build an others centered community and culture of Life!

Here is a link to the full article:,22990

Thanks to all of those who have supported us up to this point!

Here are some pictures of Ball State University at this year’s March for Life:

March2 March 1

Here you can clearly see Biking for Babies is represented with our shiny blue banner in the top left.
Here you can clearly see Biking for Babies is rep- resented with our shiny blue banner to the top left.