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Less than 40 days

Excitement, nervousness and overall joy are just a few of the emotions that I am feeling knowing that there is less then 40 days until our journey from coast to coast. I have to thank everyone who has supported us; it is everyone who donates their time and money to help us that makes this all possible. I had spring break this past week and I set up a table at the end of each mass of my home parish and I received so much support from everyone. It was so cool to see how many people were excited about Biking for Babies and it just reminded me how much people want to see an organization like this doing well. Which means change is on the way!

There is something I want to ask of all of you all, and that is too pray. I don’t think this point can be stressed enough. Pray for all the people involved in Biking for Babies, for the success of the trip and most of all pray for all the women who are deciding whether or not to have an abortion today. I have seen the power of prayer first hand and I know that if we all pray for an end to the “culture of death” that we live in then it will change. Thank you all and please spread the word to your friends.

God bless,